Bell has a lot working in her
favor: powerful, daredevil and an almost garish imagination capable of dreaming
up surreal scenarios... a slick, in-your-face intensity dominates her onstage worlds."

- New York Times

"Sidra Bell is more than a choreographer; she is a philosopher who thinks deeply about life and art. Her smarts come through in the dances she makes, but not in a traditional or predictable way."
- Coal Hill Review

"Bell has an approach to the body; a deconstructor, hyperarticulator that makes her dancers look inhuman like broken marionettes or robots on the fritz. In Bell's POOL the grotesquerie suggests decadence, disease, a Forsythean horror show . . ."
- The New Yorker

"putrid, beautiful, freakish"
- Backstage 

"finely wrought, vaguely obscene... the dancers move with zombie softness"
- Financial Times

"brainy, exuberant audacity"
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Bell is a complete creature of the theater... the ferocious physicality of her
dance making is its most attractive quality"

- San Francisco Guardian

"Bell's dance-theater works are intensely physical, concentrated and mysterious, yet they reveal the inner aspects of the performers with startling clarity"
- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"at once creepy and comical"
- Washington Post

"fearless, technically honed dancers"
- Vancouver's
Georgia Straight

SBDNY | indelible 

Allie Johnson 2013
Photography by David Flores

Sidra Bell Dance New York, is a boutique company of prolific movement artists based in New York City that presents innovative, kinetic, and provocative dance theater works. It has continually presented progressive, highly designed, cinematic, glamorous, and elaborate full scale productions to sold-out New York City audiences. Bell is a sought after voice in contemporary dance with a strong female vision creating works that ignite the imagination and explore the complexities of the human condition. She excavates the psyche and themes that are life affirming. The repertoire is unusual, haunting, emotionally transporting, complex, articulate, sensual, and highly physical. The work has become known for atmospheric, unconventional, spectacular, and forward-looking quality that push past dance’s traditional vocabulary, venues, and boundaries. The vocabulary is elegant, fantastical, tonal, and darkly romantic with original themes and larger than life characters. The choreographer enjoys material that is highly textural and graphic. She plays with and mines the natural and unnatural worlds as well as synthetic and organic tones. As a community minded organization SBDNY works closely with its audiences, students, and supporters through engagement activities, internships, and mentorships. The work synthesizes the worlds of design, media, fashion, and spectatorship through creative partnerships with artists of all kinds. SBDNY offers a comprehensive curriculum in contemporary dance practice and thought. With educational partnerships and commissions from the most prestigious institutions for dance and theater in the country and around the world the company is on the forefront of engaging and cultivating the next generation of artists.  


"extraordinary physical language"
-Atlanta INtown Paper

"Bell is a product of the 21st Century. She is exploring uncharted territories. With the passing of so many of our dance luminaries, the past revolutionaries of dance, new presences will emerge, who will reshape the landscape of dance, imprint a new face upon the scope of what is movement. I believe Bell belongs in this group."
-NYC Dancestuff

"In Lauri Stallings’ estimation, Bell “represents total experimentation. She’s near controversial. She has a very strange gestural world and is not apologetic about it."
- ArtsATL

"In the world of Sidra Bell Dance New York fantasy often morphs into the grotesque and the grostesque breeds fantasy. The androgynous dancers spew a highly kinetic and gestural movement language, with their capable bodies and at times overtly cirque-like prowess, at warp speed...unreal."
- DIY Dancer

"Bell has been compared to, among others, Jorma Elo, William Forsythe and Wayne McGregor, European choreographers who pack each phrase of movement with detail, challenging the eye to keep up. But Bell doesn’t yet place herself in the arc of dance history. 'I don’t like to contextualize it like that. I don’t want to define what I’m doing because it doesn’t leave me room to do anything else".
- Timeout Chicago Feature

"Bell is clearly an artist in this new generation of modern dance movers who combines arresting movement with dramatic presentation."
- Harlem World

"esoteric and mesmerizing"
- Reading Dance

"Bell's work has combines gender ambiguity, deconstructed ideas, high drama and couture fashion to give voice to her world of dazzling possibilities."
- NYC Dancestuff

SBDNY:  influential